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Welcome to EWAKA Deutschland e.V. and ENDASI Foundation Uganda

"Ewaka Deutschland e.V. steht hinter den freien und allumfassenden Menschenrechten für alle Menschen. Wir unterstützen die Werte: Vielfalt, Gerechtigkeit, Akzeptanz und Gleichheit. Hinter diesen Werten stehen wir und diese versuchen wir auch mit den Bildungsprojekten zu fördern. 

Das Wichtigste in Kürze

As a non-profit association, EWAKA Deutschland e.V. promotes and implements educational programs in Germany and Uganda in cooperation with the Ugandan partner organization "ENDASI Foundation Uganda".


As part of a self-developed school program, EWAKA Deutschland e.V. carries out project weeks on intercultural learning at schools in Germany. Together with educational consultants from Uganda, stereotypes and prejudices are to be broken down and diversity to be experienced as enrichment with the help of tools such as arts, sports, and music.


ENDASI Foundation Uganda operates a children's home in Jinja in cooperation with the Ugandan youth welfare office and currently offers 25 children a safe home. The organization creates perspectives for a self-determined life for more than 30 disadvantaged children and young people by paying their school/training/tuition fees. In addition, ENDASI Foundation Uganda runs an educational center in Jinja with additional educational offers such as swimming lessons, sports, and computer courses.​

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Latest News

We are pleased to be able to present the new premises of the children's home of the ENDASI Foundation in this video:

The school program
by Endasi / Ewaka in Germany

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