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Vision & Goals

The project has dedicated itself to the task of taking in children living in slums or on the streets and providing them with the best possible support. Children who have been victims of neglect and abuse are thus offered a home, protection, and safety. Our project is not only a home, it is also a place for (further) education to offer the children and young people from our home and from the neighborhood more prospects for their future.

Creating perspectives through school education and apprenticeship opportunities

​Our goal is not only to support the children and young people in the form of school education, but also to offer them the opportunity to gain their first working experience. For this purpose, we would like to create various apprenticeships and jobs directly on site. We currently have a computer school in our educational facility, and we are also planning to build a vocational school in the future. Among other things in the form of a joinery and a sewing room.

Ensuring basic needs sustainably 

In addition, the children should learn from an early age on to take care of themselves. Therefore, we have access to a neighboring farm on our property in Jinja. In the future, a fruit and vegetable plantation and a chicken farm will be built, which will both provide a safe source of food for the children and young people and also fulfill the aspect of self-sufficiency.

Offer intercultural exchange at German schools

Another important part of EWAKA e.V. is our school program and our Ugandan weeks in Germany. Contrary to prevailing, one-sided stereotypes and negative media reports about Africa, we want to give German children and young people a different perspective and an insight into the diverse everyday life in Uganda. Our vision is to convey understanding and appreciation for different cultures to the students so that they can openly meet people of different social backgrounds without prejudice.

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Our next destination

Construction of an ecologically sustainable children's learning center and emergency shelter for neglected children and young people

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If you want to support this project in particular, please contact us:

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