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  • The children's center, the first partner organization of EWAKA Deutschland e.V.  is founded. 

  • We regularly run outreach programs in Kampala that combine dance and education


  • Initially with one housemother and 10 children, we set up the children's home in Kampala



  • The German partner organization "EWAKA: Deusche Kinder- und Jungendförderung für Uganda e.V." is founded by the first chairwoman Eva Döhr

  • The first two school programs are planned and take place in Germany

  • For the first time, the children's center receives support from two volunteers from ASC Göttingen

  • We are able to purchase a large plot of land in Jinja, Uganda



  • ​ This year the school program takes place in Berlin, Kassel, Göttingen, Jena and Freiburg

  • We start the construction of the new  educational center in Jinja

  • We receive support from two new volunteers from ASC Göttingen

  • The main building is completed and we start moving to Jinja


  • The school program takes place in Berlin, Kassel and Göttingen

  • We receive annual support from four volunteers from ASC Göttingen

  • The main house is expanded with a computer and study room, a library and a chicken farm

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  • We get a new kitchen and a covered dining area, a volleyball and badminton field, a tree house and swings to enlarge our sports and leisure facilities


  • The school program travels to Kassel, Cologne, Göttingen, Wolfhagen and Sylt


  • We can finish all the children's rooms and start building  our  sports and community center

  • The school program takes place in schools throughout Germany

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  • The  sports and community center is completed

  • Unfortunately, the school program has to be interrupted due to the Covid 19 pandemic

  • In Kampala, over 100 families are being supported with food packages during the first lockdown



  • The Endasi Foundation will be the new partner organization of EWAKA Deutschland e.V. The EWAKA Foundation Uganda is also working with a new German partner organization

  • The school program takes place again in Göttingen, Ossnabrück, Landshut, Kassel and Freiburg

  • In  cooperation with the Ugandan Youth Welfare Office, a new children's home is being built in which children and young people can be accommodated on a long-term and/or short-term basis

  • Furthermore, children in their families are supported in the form of school fees and medical care as well as educational offers

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