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The Jinja Children's Home 

There are currently around 25 children and young people between the ages of 2 and 19 living in our children's home. They are looked after by two caretakers, two teachers, a cook, and our social workers. The children's center of the Endasi Foundation offers them a secure home and safety. For some children and young people, this is a permanent home, for others, a temporary place. The aim is always to support the children and young people in close cooperation with the local youth welfare office in the best possible way and in the long term. We would like to guide the children and young people until they find a job.

The Endasi Foundation Children's Home is located in Jinja. Currently, this consists of the main house with children's rooms, a large living area, a pantry, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a study room. In the second house, there are also children's rooms, bathrooms, and rooms for the employees. ​


The children are tutored privately by two teachers, Sarah and Simon. The focus here is put on encouraging learning methods (e.g. group work, individual support). The young people attend the surrounding secondary private schools or training centers as well as universities. In addition to school and vocational training, Endasi also focuses on promoting creativity through sports, arts, dance, and music. In addition, the children and young people shall also be supported through their own small library, swimming lessons, and weekly computer lessons.

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Premises and life at Endasi

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