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Uganda Project Week

What it's about:

  • Intercultural exchange between Germany and Uganda

  • Reducing stereotypes and prejudices about the African continent with the help of various workshops


Ewaka Deutschland e.V. has set itself the task of promoting intercultural exchange between Germany and Uganda. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a school program in which the students get to know culture and living conditions in various workshops and deal with topics such as unequal distribution and racism. In addition, the children and young people are given an insight into the diverse Ugandan culture. A comprehensive and differentiated picture of East Africa is conveyed in order to reduce stereotypes and prejudices that are anchored in our minds.


During the project week, the children and young people will be able to get to know elements of Ugandan culture, they will have lots of fun trying out new rhythms, dance styles, and culinary arts (street food from Uganda) from Uganda. At the same time, the students should be made aware of important topics such as fair trade, anti-racism, post-colonialism, sustainable consumer behavior, and the critical examination of development cooperation in our world. They also communicate with the staff in English, creating a great bilingual experience.


The project week concludes with a performance in which the students perform choreographies and present the results of their work. Parents, relatives, and friends are warmly invited. As an association, it is particularly important to us to contribute to the reduction of prejudices through the project week and to convey diversity as something enriching. At the same time, the project in Uganda is effectively supported by the income from the performance, because the proceeds from the project week go to the projects of the Endasi Foundation in Uganda.

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Have we awakened your interest?

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Introductory video for our school program

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