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sports center

The sports center is many things. On the one hand, it is a place for children, young people and adults. Anyone can come and so does all of Kyabirwa. They come during the weekday evenings and every weekend - there's always something going on.

The diverse possibilities do not only consist of netball, soccer, volleyball and dancing, but include much more. There are always big sports days at the weekend, with small prices and food. During the week, schools have the opportunity to use the sports center's spaces and materials, and the Ewaka children have the opportunity to let off steam at any time.

Above all, the fact that the children always have a common place in the sports center, where the parents know where their children are, and the proximity of the Ewaka Children's Home with the community of the village of Kyabirwa make the sports center a link between all those involved. In the end, it's always about the joy that it brings - and that's definitely there.

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