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EWAKA Deutschland e.V. works hand in hand with the Africa Immigration Advisory  Services (short: AFIAS). Together with AFIAS, EWAKA Deutschland e.V. supports you in applying for and getting your visa, your work permit or your NGO certificate for Uganda .





AFIAS is currently the leading NGO (Non-Government organisation) and migration consultancy in Uganda. The focus of AFIAS is on visa application and on the procurement of necessary certificates for NGO's and companies in Uganda. Our team consists of professional lawyers and consultants from Uganda and Germany brings a lot of experience und engagement and stands by you throughout the entire application process up to approval. AFIAS and the EWAKA Deutschland e.V. have worked together successfully for several years and have successfully helped many people to work, live and do business in Uganda. 


Otherwise complicated and lengthy processes simplified by a professional internationally networked team.




1. Support from our team in obtaining a work permit, students and family visas, double visas and all other visa forms.

2. Our team will also advise and assist you with all the  processes and formalities if you wish to start any form of nvestment in Uganda.

3. The support of NGOs and companies in the form of obtaining licenses is also an important point of our work. 

Through our years of work in this area, we know that obtaining visas has been difficult for many individuals and can cause frustration. That's why we're here to help. Successfully obtaining a residence permit, visa or work permit are essential for living in Uganda and therefore of great importance for every individual. 

After so many successful applications, we can proudly say that our team takes your application as a personal responsibility. We  follow the process from start to finish and make sure there are no delays.




So if you need support for your visa application or similar, please contact us at: 

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